NABMA represents market operators on the national stage. Much of the work we undertake is to ensure there is a voice for markets in respect of policy issues affecting markets.


In recent years NABMA has been successful in securing recognition for markets in the Government’s Planning Policy Framework and we have also secured headline recognition for markets in the Mary Portas report, leading to the creation of the Love Your Local Market Campaign.


NABMA provides advice and up to date information to its members on proposals affecting markets and in recent years the subjects covered by NABMA include rating of markets, proposals to amend the law on pedlars/street trading, the impact of European legislation on market franchise rights, and registration of market charters.


NABMA is the only organisation that looks after the interests of market operators and it is essential that we continue to promote and safeguard the interests of our members on the national stage.


In addition to the work that is undertaken nationally, NABMA also provides a wide range of services for its members.


One of the most important services is a markets health check which is provided by an experienced Market Officer and can cover any aspect of markets administration and management. This has been one of the most popular services introduced in recent years and over fifty health checks have been carried out. In the context of the expense incurred in undertaking health checks, only limited number are available in each year.


NABMA’s website provides significant resources including a range of publications which can be downloaded for the benefit of members. These include research information about the markets industry, including details of NABMA’s annual survey of retail markets. There is also Markets 21 which is the most comprehensive review of retail and wholesale markets. Other good practice publications are available including details of Market of the Year winners.


NABMA’s website also provides access to the members’ forum which enables all our members to get advice and share information on any aspect of markets, management and operation. The forum is monitored by experienced Market Officers and has proved a great asset to many of our members. Access to the forum is secured by registering an email address with NABMA and using the password “NABMA”.


One of NABMA’s priorities is to provide Market Officers with training to professionalise the market service. In this respect NABMA has entered into a partnership with the Institute of Place Management that provides free membership of the Institute to all NABMA members. Details of how you can apply for membership are found on the Institute of Place Management page. In addition, in partnership with the Institute and Manchester Metropolitan University, NABMA has introduced the Diploma in Markets Administration. The Diploma provides an excellent introduction to many aspects of Markets Administration and is recognised as the premier markets qualification.


NABMA also exists to provide help and support to its members and this is delivered in a number of ways. A “buddy” scheme can link a Market Officer with an experienced colleague and, by email and/or telephone, advice and support can be given on any matter affecting markets. Details of the buddy scheme can be found in the buddy publication which can be downloaded from the NABMA website.


Members can also raise any issue with the NABMA membership by sending a request for information via the NABMA Office to the whole NABMA membership. This facility has been used extensively in the past to assist members with a range of market issues.


Free legal advice is also available to NABMA members on any matter relating to markets. NABMA also has established links with a Barrister who specialises in market law and in recent years NABMA has obtained a range of Counsel’s opinions on important market issues which have been made available to members. The provision of legal advice and support is a key element of NABMA’s service provision.


NABMA seeks to promote good practice and recognise excellence in the market industry and, in this context, NABMA promotes an annual Market of the Year competition and awards for: Market Manager of the Year, Market Team of the Year, and Market Innovation of the Year. The Market of the Year awards are normally presented at NABMA’s One-Day Conference in January and the other awards form part of an award ceremony at NABMA’s Annual Conference.


Networking opportunities are also provided for NABMA members through retail and wholesale forums and also through a series of Roadshows which are normally held to support Love Your Local Market. In addition, NABMA hold two Conferences each year which provide members with updates of important issues affecting the market industry and also provide examples of good practice from members. These Conferences are normally held in January and September.


NABMA also supports a professional markets consultancy providing members with expert help on market projects. NABMA Consultancy Services (NCS) has gained many plaudits for its work in helping members and further details of the work undertaken by NCS can be found elsewhere on the NABMA website.

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