A welcome from David Preston – The new Chief Executive of NABMA

A welcome from David Preston – The new Chief Executive of NABMA

I am very proud to be chosen to succeed Graham Wilson as the new Chief Executive of NABMA starting out on that journey today.

I spoke at the Conference last week about my proud background in markets. Firstly, as schoolboy market trader selling fruit and vegetables; then as an operational day to day market manager; and proudly as a Town Clerk dealing with the strategy influence of markets. In recent years I have worked within NABMA delivering the Service Level Agreement for their services out of Oswestry.

It has been rewarding being part of the NABMA family since my first conference experience as far back as 1976 at Llandudno.  I now look forward to my new role in an organisation that I have always found to be supportive, friendly and so important in terms of its services, education and networking.

NABMA continues for a few more weeks to celebrate its centenary. Looking back, and reviewing the NABMA 100 brochure launched at Conference then the membership can be very proud of the history and the achievements of the past, but can also look forward with excitement to addressing the many challenges and opportunities of the present and future.

There is a well-documented awakening by the Government to the fragile condition of many high streets with substantial funding and a new organisation now provided to make high streets and town centres fit for the future. Our January Conference will therefore closely examine markets in this current renaissance agenda and how they can fit into the government and partnership agenda.

The next few months will be very busy for NABMA. The Great British Market Awards are launched today with a new sponsor, Blachere Illumination. Planning is already underway for Love Your Local Market 2020 with VISA back on board as a sponsor. Our regional seminars next year will look at the basics of market management and good practice with an agenda including a visit to a market with a story to tell. A Local Council Seminar will be announced for after Easter and Skipton Town Council have kindly extended an offer to host.

The driver for successful markets is professional management. Over 150 students now proudly hold the Diploma in Markets Administration and the next step is approaching with our education partners offering a bridging course leading to a postgraduate qualification. This is another exciting opportunity to grasp.

I look forward to my new role but it is only right to again pay tribute to Graham Wilson for the passion and exceptional leadership that he has displayed, not only for NABMA itself as Chief Executive, but the market industry in general over so many years. I am delighted that he staying as part of the NABMA team focusing on legal and policy issues.

In summary, it is a huge honour to be chosen as the NABMA Chief Executive. Together we have an exciting programme to deliver. I therefore look forward to working with the Board, the Presidency, consultants, sponsors, partners and, of course, our membership.

Please share your news, issues, successes and concerns with me. I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me by phone on 07989 943444 or email davidpreston@nabma.com

We welcome news stories, job vacancies and tender opportunities from our members for publication. If your market has some news to share, please email support@nabma.com

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