NABMA is an unincorporated association and is governed by a Constitution which provides a framework for how the organisation is managed and operated. All members who join NABMA are subject to the requirements of the Constitution.


(i) The title of the Association is the National Association of British Market Authorities.

(ii) Any local or public authority in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands, operating any form of Market shall be entitled to be a member and can be represented at Association meetings by any person so authorised.

Membership of the Association is also open to private market operators and other market operators who accept the responsibilities of membership and such members shall be entitled to all the benefits/privileges of NABMA membership. Any references within this constitution to local or public authorities shall also include references to other market operators who are in membership of NABMA.


The objectives of the Association shall be as hereunder: (i) To facilitate communication between Members and others, and between the Association and Departments of the Government and other public bodies on matters of common interest affecting the administration of markets, fairs, abattoirs or cold stores and matters incidental thereto (ii) To take such action as may be deemed desirable in the interests of members.

(a) in promoting or opposing new legislation; (b) in amending existing legislation; (c) in regard to the administration of legislation, relating to markets, fairs, abattoirs, cold stores, and matters incidental thereto:

(iii) To protect the interests, rights and privileges of Members by agreed or common action (iv) To promote and encourage a high standard of administration of market undertakings (v) To obtain and circulate to Members such information as my appear conducive to the advancement of the objects of the Association.


Throughout these rules, the expression “Member” means a local authority, public authority or other organisation responsible for the operation of a market which is a member of the National Association of British Market Authorities.


The day to day management of the Association is the responsibility of the Association’s Chief Executive and that person will work closely with the Association’s Presidency. The Presidency will also have responsibility for such matters as are referred to in this Constitution. The Management Board will act as a scrutiny and policy review body and will also undertake such matters as are referred to in this Constitution.


(i) The Management Board will comprise the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President and the Chair of Wholesale Forum referred to in Rule 6 together with up to three members elected to represent the interests of the Authorities within each of the subscription bandings relating to Unitary/Metropolitan and District Councils and with one member representing the Town/Parish Councils and together with one member representing private market operators and other organisations representing markets. (ii) In the event that the Chair of the Wholesale Forum hold office as President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Immediate Past President the relevant Vice-Chair shall serve as a member of the Management Board. (iii) The Management Board shall meet as often as necessary. (iv) The President shall act as Chair of any meetings of the Management Board.


(i) The Association shall establish the following Forums

(a) Regional Retail Market Forums and Wholesale Forum

(ii) The Presidency will take the Chair at Regional Retail Market Forums and the AGM of the Association will appoint a Chair and Vice Chair of the Wholesale Forum. (iii) Any Member, having under its control that section of the market undertaking which is the concern of a particular Forum, shall be eligible to attend any meeting of that Forum. (iv) Forums shall meet as often as is necessary (v) The President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Immediate Past President shall be ex officio members of all Section Forums


(i) The Association’s Annual General Meeting or Management Board as appropriate shall have power to appoint Working Groups and other Representative Groups as may be deemed necessary for the conduct of the business of the Association. (ii) Any such Group established under this paragraph will only deal with such business referred to it and shall submit a report thereon, if required, to the Annual General Meeting or Management Board.


At all meetings of the Association each Member shall be entitled to one vote only. The President, President- Elect, Immediate Past President shall not be entitled to vote except as representatives of Members qualified to attend the meeting except that the Chair of the meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.


Members at last ten days before the meeting is held, except the Annual General Meeting, of which at least four weeks’ notice shall be given.


The minutes of the proceedings of the Meetings of the Association shall be circulated to all Members within ten working days.


(1) The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held each year to deal with business of which notice shall be given (2) The President shall act as Chair of any General Meeting of the Association (3) If the President is absent another member of the Presidency will preside and if no member of the Presidency is in attendance the meeting will appoint a Chairman Many thanks.


The President shall be empowered to convene a Special General Meeting of the Association for the consideration of urgent business and shall convene such a meeting on his own initiative or upon receiving a requisition signed by not less than ten of the Members of the Association


(i) Progression to the position of President to the Association shall normally be through the office of President–Elect (ii) The President, President Elect and Immediate Past President will each hold office for two years. (iii) The Association’s Management Board will normally recommend to the AGM of the Association a suitable nominee to act as President Elect but any member is entitled to put forward an alternative nomination up to two weeks before the AGM is held. In the event that no nominations are made prior to the AGM it is open to the AGM to appoint a President Elect or make interim arrangements pending an appointment.


The Association shall engage such Officers as are deemed necessary for the efficient conduct of the Association’s business and enter into such other contracts as are appropriate. Arrangements in respect of the engagement of officers and contracts shall be the responsibility of the Presidency. In respect of any review of the Association’s structure or new appointments the Presidency shall refer a report to the Management Board for consideration.


(i) The subscriptions of each member shall be in accordance with a scale to be determined by the Annual General Meeting from time to time and shall be payable in advance on the 1st April in each year (ii) All members shall be liable to payment for a full year’s subscription for the year during which application is made unless otherwise determined by the Management Board (iii) Any member may resign on giving twelve months notice in writing but such resignation shall not take effect until the 31st March following the expiration of such notice and the member will remain liable for the relevant subscription throughout the period until the 31st March (iv) The membership of any Local or Public Authority whose subscription is two years in arrears as shown by audited accounts shall be terminated without prejudice to the Association’s right to recover such arrears


A statement of the audited Accounts of the Association shall be prepared and submitted to the Annual General Meeting each year and to the Management Board preceding the Annual General Meeting.


The Chairman of the meeting shall move “that the minutes of the previous meeting held on be signed as a correct record”. If the accuracy is not questioned the Chair shall sign the Minutes.


No amendment, addition or rescission of these Rules shall be made except at an Annual General or Special General Meeting of the Association. Notice of any proposed amendment, addition or rescission shall be submitted at least twenty eight working days before the date of the meeting at which such amendment, addition or rescission is to be proposed, and details of such notice shall be set out on the Agenda for the meeting.


The Association’s Chief Executive in consultation with the Presidency shall be empowered to take urgent action on behalf of the Association where such action is deemed to be in the best interests of the Association. Such action can include expenditure of up to £10,000. A record of any such action shall be reported at the earliest opportunity to the Management Board.


The Association at its AGM shall be entitled to bestow life membership on any person who has given exceptional service to the Association and/or the markets industry generally.

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