NABMA is primarily a local authority based organisation but we welcome membership applications from private and commercial operators and local and community groups together with organisations seeking to establish markets.

The scale of membership subscriptions set out below reflect local authority rates but private, commercial, local and community organisations should refer to the information below the subscription bandings to determine the appropriate rate for them.

Membership Fees

Unitary/Metropolitan Authorities – £895.00

District Councils – £716.00

Town & Parish Councils – £358.00

Private market operators will pay the appropriate fee, based on the above subscription bandings, depending on the size of the company’s operation. If the operation involves more than 200 stalls then it will come into the Unitary/Metropolitan banding, if more than 100 stalls it will come into the District Council banding and anything under that will comprise the Town and Parish Councils banding.

Other organisations running markets, such as social enterprise groups, traders co-operatives, or interested parties will be entitled to apply for membership at the Town and Parish Council subscription rate.

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£895.00 - Unitary/Metropolitan Authorities£716.00 - District Councils£358.00 - Town & Parish Councils

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