All Party Parliamentary Markets Group – Minutes 18 July 2023

All Party Parliamentary Markets Group – Minutes 18 July 2023

The AGM of the Group was held on 18 July 2023 and officers were formally appointed. The below are the minutes of the meeting.

All Party Parliamentary Markets Group

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Markets Group held on Tuesday 18 July 2023 at 11.00 in Room P, Portcullis House, Westminster.


Simon Baynes MP (Clwyd South), Helen Morgan MP (North Shropshire) Justin Madders MP (Ellesmere Port and Neston), Samantha Dixon MP (City of Chester), Peter Gibson MP (Darlington), Craig Whittaker MP (Calder Valley), Sir Gavin Williamson MP (South Staffordshire), Pauline Latham MP (Mid Derbyshire)

Also, in Attendance

Mick Barker – NABMA President, David Preston – NABMA Chief Executive, Graham Wilson OBE – NABMA Legal and Policy Consultant, Joe Harrison – NMTF Chief Executive, Allan Hartwell – Managing Director, Market Place


Lewis Jones, Niall Hawkins

  1. Election of Chair

    It was unanimously resolved that Simon Baynes MP be elected as Chair of the Group
  2. Election of Vice Chairs

    It was unanimously resolved that the below be elected to satisfy the rules governing APPG’s and to demonstrate cross party support.

    Mary Foy MP Labour
    Peter Gibson MP Conservative
    Pauline Latham MP Conservative
    Helen Morgan MP, Liberal Democrat
  3. Apologies

    Apologies for absence were noted from Clive Betts MP (Sheffield South East) and Mary Foy MP (City of Durham)
  4. The Markets Industry 2023/24

    The NABMA Chief Executive recorded thanks to the members of the Group for their support and interest in markets.

    A summary of the NABMA National Retail Markets Survey 2022 was provided that produced certain worrying headlines with occupancy and trader numbers falling after the pandemic and only 8% of the industry under 40 years of age. Some 84% of markets are managed or operated by local authorities but only 40% of markets are trading with an annual surplus.

    To address the challenges from the survey then NABMA has promoted #MarketsFirst as a national campaign for the next 2 years. It has 5 priorities around attracting and retaining traders: addressing the economic challenges facing markets but also demonstrating their wider value. It also addresses issues around professionalising markets and communication. The campaign is endorsed by NMTF.

    The presentation stimulated a discussion with Members of Parliament outlining their own constituency experiences and looking at how they can help promote the industry acknowledging the significant community role played by local markets that help meet many local and national policy agendas.

    A recognition was made of the challenge for the industry itself to be more proactive and better engage with local MP’S with various suggestions made that included investigation of the cost and feasibility of providing fringe events at party conferences.

    It was acknowledged that #MarketsFirst can steer the future work programme of the Group and grateful thanks were recorded for the obvious passion and interest about markets from the Members of Parliament as present.
  5. Date of Next Meeting

    To be arranged in conjunction with the Chairman, ideally in October, and to fit within the parliamentary calendar.

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