Are there any singing stars in your market?

Nabma’s Professional Development Consultant Stephen Pickering is inviting people from the market industry to take part in a new fun initiative to help lift spirits during this difficult time.
There are currently several examples of “community choirs” coming together over the internet to create uplifting music during these challenging times of isolation, and it is well recognised that being part of creating music can be a welcome tonic.
Stephen is currently recording a pop song and music video utilising footage of markets across the country and involving the singing talents from anyone working in the industry to create a large market choir.
Don’t panic…this will not involve any live performance on the internet as it is planned that people pre-record themselves individually utilising mobile phones.  The intention is to involve as many people as possible from a wide selection of markets across the country as an example of the camaraderie of markets!
Stephen is no stranger to music and video production and when he retired from Warrington market he produced a music video called “Dancing in the Shadows” which featured traders and has now achieved well over 1 million views on YouTube.  
If you are interested in taking part in this new music and video recording project called “Follow the Sun”, it could not be easier.  Just email Stephen Pickering at in the next couple of weeks and you will be sent a draft copy of the song and simple instructions on how to record your voice using your mobile phone.
Please circulate this invitation to any traders or market officers you might think would enjoy taking part.
We look forward seeing the results.

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