Have you notified your local media of #LYLM2023? This is a great opportunity to give regular publicity for your local market and its traders. The anticipated social media reach for #LYLM is 63 million. Remember that you will joining with some 24 countries worldwide in celebrating #LYLM2023. Don't forget to contact your local council, tourist information and local bloggers too.

This layout for a press release is a useful starting point. Click to download .docx file 

Help us get the message out far and wide. The main purpose of Love Your Local Market is to raise the profile of markets across the UK. You can do this by asking  your community to celebrate your local markets; encourage start-up businesses and increase young people’s involvement in markets.

Don't forget to update your website and social media with content too.

Adding your market to the Love Your Local Market Map. It's free and simple and helps us to support your market throughout the campaign. 

❤️ Add your market to the LYLM Map!

There is still time to order Love Your Local Market merchandise. Watch out for last minute deals too! 


Is your social media team ready for #LYLM2023? Use all our various digital assets from posters to social media tiles. Help us get the message out

LYLM Digital Assets

Have you invited your local MP, Mayor or local celebrities to your market? What a great opportunity for them to be seen supporting their local market and community. Don't forget to share your pictures with us too.

Do you need insurance for your traders and events? As a reminder GM Imber & Sons Ltd is offering to help operators with policies that offer a full range of cover for one off or regular markets, including your special town and city events such as Love Your Local Market and its new and aspiring traders.

Contact: Matt Imber to discuss your insurance issues  

Are you promoting start up business opportunities in #LYLM2023?

Remember that some 11,000 start up businesses have been trialled during the overall LYLM campaign and 1,100 sustainable new businesses have been created.

Are you thinking of new stalls, canopies or gazebos? Remember the sponsor of #LYLM2023 is Zapp Umbrellas | Market Umbrellas and Pop-Up Gazebo Experts

On all your social media posts add the hashtag #LYLM2023 and tag in our feeds and pages too. If you need any help, our team are happy to help and advise.

The more you do the further your messages will reach.

Don't forget to share the messages from us too!

Make sure your market is following us on social media. We have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just search for Love Your Local Market!

Don't forget to send us your pictures, stories and links. We'd love to see and share them. Don't forget, we reach millions of people online.

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Our team are here to help you with any questions, support and content throughout the campaign.

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