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Covid-19 – NABMA Support Proposal for Markets

NABMA has, together with other lobbying organisations, been a strong voice to help secure financial lifelines for thousands of our market traders. Now NABMA needs your help in giving us the information we need to lobby on behalf of all market operators for further government financial assistance, so that markets can be successful relaunched when that time comes.

You will be aware that NABMA is in discussions with government about the urgent requirement for a support package of benefits to recognise the economic and operator impact on markets, present and future, as a result of the pandemic.

As a reminder the NABMA proposal focusses upon five key areas.

  • Supporting Traders and Small Businesses
  • A Business Interruption Compensation Scheme
  • A Market Start Back Scheme
  • Business Rates Discretionary Relief
  • A National Programme to Restore Markets and Market Trading

Government have confirmed that they are looking carefully at the NABMA proposals but require some statistical evidence from NABMA members to help quantify the financial losses, risks and impact.

Below is a very basic questionnaire that we urge you to complete and return to us as soon as possible. The individual respondents will only be identified to government, and in all other cases responses will be summarised. Please answer as many questions as you can using budget projections if necessary

NABMA cannot stress how vital it is to present to Government as soon as possible a summary of the difficulties that markets and operators are, and will be facing. The government support to business has prevented an early economic collapse but markets, primarily as a local authority discretionary service, are generally excluded from any of the benefits as announced. NABMA is actively campaigning to remedy this unfortunate position and we now need your support to evidence the proposals that we have submitted.


If you cannot answer all the questions then please don’t worry. Please answer those that you can.

Please use the form below or download the Word or PDF version of the form and return it to

Download DOC Download PDF

Please complete this questionnaire by no later than 27 April 2020. 

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Please complete this questionnaire by no later than 27 April 2020. 

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