Dagenham Sunday Market is the Star of New BBC Documentary

Dagenham Sunday Market is the Star of New BBC Documentary

Good Morning Dagenham is a brand new 10-part BBCOne series following the trials and tribulations of both running and working at The Dagenham Sunday Market.

Can Britain’s biggest Sunday market fight off competition from the boom in internet shopping? 

Broadcast from Monday 11th March to Friday 22nd March, every weekday for two weeks at 11am on BBCOne. You will be transported to a whole new world for 10 episodes of great telly!

It’s both fun and sometimes melancholy with great music accompanying some great story lines.

Watch Market owner Frank and his daughter Isobel try to pull together a fashion show and a dog show with surprising results! Watch the hilarious episode with Market manager and ex Chef Paul
hosting The Dagenham Sunday Market food awards with Sandra from Channel 4’s Gogglebox and MasterChef Winner Jane Devonshire. You have Craig from Bradford organising The Markets first show
home against the clock.

Two great episodes are Dagenham Sunday Markets Got Talent and The Cockney Knees Up!

Can Market managers John, Chris and Dean help Frank pull in extra punters with a Charity Auction? What will a dedicated internet shopper, who rarely leaves the house, make of the
market? And of course, there’s traders old and new with the cameras following established traders including comedian butcher Tony and funny man Bill.

See how the traders fare and can they make it pay?
It all makes great viewing and don’t worry if you’re not usually around at 11 am, you can record it or watch it on BBC iPlayer! Prepare to smile and be entertained down the market for a
joyful 45 minutes.

Good Morning Dagenham, narrated by Larry Lamb starts on BBCOne, 11th-22nd March 2019, 11am every week day.

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