Face Coverings in Markets – Clarification of new rules

Face Coverings in Markets – Clarification of new rules

Following a request for clarification, NABMA has now received the following response from The Cabinet Office:

“The new measures will extend the requirement to wear a face covering to staff where it already exists for customers in retail environments. This would therefore apply to all indoor market settings (where it currently applies to customers) but not outdoor market settings (where it currently does not). It will also be extended to staff and customers in indoor hospitality settings except when eating and drinking; so this would include cafes and restaurants in indoor markets.

As of next week businesses will be required to promote greater compliance for this requirement e.g. for indoor markets this would mean displaying posters or signage notifying customers that they are entering a setting where they need to wear a face covering (if they have not already done so).”

In essence the new rules will only apply in indoor settings and the rules for outdoor markets are unchanged. 

The regulations will come into force as of tomorrow.

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