These FAQs are to assist those facing issues around the day to day operational running of markets and aims to provide quick fire answers to frequently asked questions.

More detailed information is obtainable via the Research and Support pages of the website

Networking with Nabma colleagues is a great way of researching what works for colleagues elsewhere and knowing this will assist you in devising what will work for you and your market.

The FAQs are grouped as follows:

NABMA is grateful to colleagues who have drafted these FAQs. These include Steve Hadfield of Tameside (SH), Andy Ward of Warrington (AW), Graham Wilson (GW) (Legal Consultant), Peter Turvey (PT) (London Consultant) and Colin Wolstenholme (CW) of Bradford.

Please note that individual FAQ answers may apply only to certain circumstances and cannot be used in every context at every market, so please bear this in mind when considering your own actions at your own markets.

The FAQs are moderated by Chris New (NABMA Member Services Consultant)  who would welcome other submissions. Please direct any comments on the FAQs to Chris New at or 0789 0843 112.

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