Government – Closing Certain Businesses and Venues in England

Government – Closing Certain Businesses and Venues in England

Earlier today we circulated details of the regulations as now published:

As a reminder, the Regulations allow for all markets stalls (whether indoor or outdoor) to be open, whether they are selling essential goods only or a mixed offering. Further information on what constitutes a mixed offering is within this guidance.

NABMA has been in emergency discussions with NMTF this morning, and both organisations are frustrated and concerned at the ongoing lack of clarity around certain items of essential and non essential goods within the Regulations. We highlight the specific change in the Regulations to the fact that florists are now removed from essential businesses. We hope to provide further clarity on homeware as it is still the subject of some confusion.

Both NABMA and NMTF note that our shared representations are now reflected that a business selling a significant amount of essential retail may also continue to sell goods typically sold at non essential retail. NABMA would highlight Section 6  that refers to Compliance and Enforcement. As it sets out that Environmental Health and Trading Standards will monitor compliance with the Regulations, then we urge Market Managers to seek the earliest engagement with these departments for their local interpretation, and support, in complying with the Regulations.

Discussions with NMTF are ongoing and we are aiming to provide a further update later this afternoon.

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