Guidance for Outdoor and Indoor Markets

Guidance for Outdoor and Indoor Markets

As an update, NABMA took part in a High Street Sector Leaders Group meeting this morning.

In terms of the review by the Sector Leaders Group of guidance as issued by government last week, NABMA has forcibly made the point that the 13 May revision of “Closing Certain Businesses and Venues in England” has created a disparity, frustration and confusion within the markets industry.

The example was presented of plants now being sold on indoor markets, supermarkets and garden centres but the original guidance still being in place that does not allow such an activity on an outdoor market.

NABMA has requested that, as an urgent measure, the guidance for markets be revisited by government to ensure that outdoor, street and indoor markets are treated the same and in step with the retail industry, to bring more businesses back into trading where safe to do so.

The NABMA meeting scheduled for today with government, at short notice, has been moved to tomorrow.  At that time we will pursue operator support and issues as raised of concern to our membership.

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