Integrated Communities – How Can Markets Contribute?

Integrated Communities – How Can Markets Contribute?

The Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government recently issued the Green Paper Integrated Communities calling for comment and ideas as to how we can ensure successfully integrated communities across the country.

Many markets are creating opportunities for cohesion and supporting integration in the communities that they serve and sustain. We are asking for support from central government to help us to extend these outstanding examples into every corner of the UK.

NABMA’s response to the Green Paper, made on behalf of the sector, was developed by a Task Group representing the range of the UK’s markets, covering LA operated markets, but also markets run by commercial and community interests, BID’s, traders and others.

Our response, which has now been formally submitted, invites the DHCLG to work with Nabma to develop three major initiatives:

  1. Festivals of Diversity
    Following successful examples such as This is Luton, we offer to develop up to 50 new Festivals of Diversity centred on urban markets during 2020.
  2. Easy access, low risk platform for entrepreneurs
    Working with organisations such as Leicester based Community Giants, we aim to provide a platform and support programme in markets for up to 500 new businesses in 2020.
  3. Bringing groups together through food: Community Kitchens in Markets
    Using the template of existing community kitchens in a few markets, our offer is to create and open further new community kitchens in 20 markets during 2020.

The response document, which is available on the NABMA website here, was coordinated by Andrew McCall of ROI Team, with valued input from many markets professionals, and especially:

Alan Ottey, Mid Devon Council
Gerry Ritchie, Sandwell Council
Abdul Komor, Waltham Forest Council
Vicki Exall, Mercato Metropolitano

NABMA Chief Executive, Graham Wilson OBE said, ‘Markets have always had the ability to contribute to the wider social agenda.The evidence that has been produced to support NABMA’s response to the Government consultation shows the important work that markets are already doing to help in achieving integrated communities. NABMA is grateful for the support of Andrew McCall of ROI Team and the market officers from around the country who have produced this important piece of work. Hopefully the Government will respond positively to our invitation for further dialogue.’

For more information about our response, and to discuss how you and your market can participate, please make contact Andrew McCall, ROI Team,



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