Join us at the Regional Meetings

Join us at the Regional Meetings

Have you booked to attend one of the regional meetings yet? The first one takes place in Bolton on 23rd March. Then Ely on 30th March, Barnsley – 5th April, London – 26th April & the final one in Bridport on 24th May.

The regional meetings will cover the 5 priorities below for taking the “Professionalising Markets” agenda forward, the Love Your Local Market campaign, networking & will give you the opportunity to share best practice. If you would like to see details of each regional meeting & to book click here

Professionalising Markets – 5 priorities:

A formal start is being made with a meeting of a number of markets at the APSE offices in Manchester. NABMA wants this project to be of benefit to the whole markets industry so regular updates will be provided.

It is clear many of our members have already forged links with local schools, colleges and universities. NABMA wants to see these links taken further with a formal training qualification which embraces market trading. We will be looking over the next few months to see if we can link up with at least ten colleges.

The survey undertaken by Colin Wolstenholme for NABMA showed that there is still much work to do in this area. To build on the survey results NABMA wants to undertake a good practice study in the coming months to look at up to fifteen markets where attempts have been made to introduce new management models in the last five years. The study will give details of what has happened and provide lessons for others.

We have several examples of how the Performance Template has been used. You can access these examples through the NABMA website at in the publications section of the menu. Over the next few months NABMA will be seeing how we can make it easier for our members to utilise the Performance Template.

Along the lines of the Purple Flag and Real Deal accreditation NABMA will be looking at how we can give markets a formal accreditation that will enhance their status.

We welcome news stories, job vacancies and tender opportunities from our members for publication. If your market has some news to share, please email

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