Love Your Local Market 2022 – Thank You

Love Your Local Market 2022 – Thank You

What a three weeks we have had as markets across the UK have supported Love Your Local Market and The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Our heartfelt thanks go to our campaign sponsor Zapp, and Mark Parry,  for all their support and generosity.

NABMA would like to place on record our thanks to all the markets, market managers, market teams, traders and customers for making Love Your Local Market 2022 so successful. The messages from the three weeks are very clear about the importance of markets within communities and the offer they make to support employment, start up business, tourism, the local economy, climate change and so much more.

NABMA is now collecting detailed feedback on Love Your Local Market 2022 but to demonstrate the importance and the interest in the campaign we can proudly confirm that;

  • Over 26 million people have read messages from the 2022 campaign, which was an increase of 85% over the 2021 autumn Campaign
  • Social Media interactions were at a record 27.5K – which beats the previous record by 37%
  • There were nearly 400 news stories published about the campaign
  • A record number of people downloaded the NABMA digital assets
  • The campaign was publicly supported by the Prime Minister and other leading Westminster politicians

Please look back at the NABMA Social Media and view the many wonderful pictures from market across the UK that all reflect the colour, atmosphere, happiness and communities celebrating together. What a powerful message they send out about the importance of local markets and market people.

Finally, our thanks to the NABMA Media Team at Square Cactus, Ian and Rob, for delivering an amazing campaign, without a break, over the three weeks. The early feedback, statistics and hundreds of pictures and graphics demonstrate the impact that Love Your Local Market 2022 has achieved for markets and market trading across the UK.

The markets industry can be very proud of Love Your Local Market 2022. Thank you to everyone that shared in making the campaign both memorable and so successful.

We welcome news stories, job vacancies and tender opportunities from our members for publication. If your market has some news to share, please email

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