Loving Your Work! 6 winning ways for your social media during LYLM2018

Loving Your Work! 6 winning ways for your social media during LYLM2018

With markets still registering Love Your Local Market events for this year’s campaign, our social media channels have never had so much engagement! NABMA’s Digital Marketing Manager, Ian Holmes gives 6 top tips for making the most of your market’s online shop window during LYLM2018.

“First things first … brand your account properly using your logo and nice header photo.

“At the risk of being a branding bore … use pictures with a uniform brand ie: coloured frame with a logo and a particular image style of work really well and make your posts stand out as people are scrolling through Twitter. For Love Your Local Market we’re offering FREE branded frames for markets who want to stand out in our campaign. All we need is a great image. Get in touch with marketing@nabma.com.

“During the campaign use #LYLM2018 on Twitter and Instagram – and don’t forget to tag our Facebook Page into your posts too. That way we get an automatic alert and can retweet, like and share your messages.

“Bring out the bunting! Make sure you use branded merchandise and signage in your images during the campaign – otherwise, it doesn’t matter how great your event or the photograph – it’s just another event on a market – balloons, branded cupcakes, T-shirts, banners, balloons position them in your pictures and be part of something BIG!

“Video is great. Make sure they are short, snappy and always recorded landscape – turn that phone around!!!!!

“Tweet with a purpose – not just for the sake of it! 7 Tweets within 7 minutes is pointless. Spread them out through the day. Remember quality not quantity!”

For more help and advice, message us on Twitter @LoveUrLocalMkt or on Facebook loveyourlocalmarket

We welcome news stories, job vacancies and tender opportunities from our members for publication. If your market has some news to share, please email support@nabma.com

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