Goodge Place Market

Goodge Place Market

Goodge Place Market

The market is open Monday to Friday.

Traders are allowed to operate between 7am to 7pm but their working hours are weather-dependant.

The market is mostly active between 10am to 3pm.

Goodge Place Market is an international street-food market serving lunch Monday to Friday.

Established in 1850 on Charles Street (now the stretch of Goodge Street between Charlotte Street and Newman Street.

Goodge Place, like Goodge Street, is named for Francis and William Goodge who in 1766 began developing Goodge Street as a shopping street.

In 1878 the market was on the south-side of the street and one of the last street markets remaining in the West End of London. Fifteen years later the market is described as consisting of 45 stalls selling food, homewares, flowers, and books. By 1983 the market had relocated to Goodge Place.

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