Inverness Street Market

Inverness Street Market

Inverness Street Market

The market is open Monday to Sunday.

Traders are allowed to operate between 7am to 7pm but their working hours are weather-dependant.

The market is mostly active between 10am to 6pm.

Inverness Street Market has souvenirs, fashion, and street food.

As in the case of Plender Street Market, Inverness Street Market represents a remnant of Camden Town Market which moved off of Camden High Street after the late nineteenth century electrification of horse-drawn trams.

Latterly a successful boxing trainer, George Francis worked on Inverness Street Market in the 1940s.

Until the 2010s the market was predominately fruit and veg. However, as the traditional shops turned into bars and eateries to cater to Camden’s booming tourist and night-time economies the market evolved towards clothing, souvenirs, and street-food.

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