Nottingham Markets

Nottingham Markets

Nottingham Markets

Our Bulwell, Hyson Green and Clifton markets will feature exciting sales in Nottingham during our Love Your Local Markets weeks. Nottingham’s rich culture and vibrant marketplaces will be abuzz with tempting deals and products.

A visit to Hyson Green Market ensures a wide range of quality goods & the freshest of ingredients at competitive prices. With excellent transportation links, the Hyson Green Market has been a choice destination for continental food and fashion items.

Being well served by local public transport and road links, our Clifton market acts as a focal point for its surrounding community and will feature approximately 20 stalls selling a wide range of goods, including fresh produce, crafts, clothing as well as everyday essentials.

Our large and lively Bulwell market is situated in the heart of the main shopping area of Bulwell and has facilitated trading  since the 10th Century. It has become an integral part of local community life and its popularity is enhanced by the diverse selection of goods on offer, including books and crafts, a wide range of fresh food and a variety of fashion items.

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