Plender Street Market

Plender Street Market

Plender Street Market

The market is open Monday to Saturday.

Traders are allowed to operate between 7am to 7pm but their working hours are weather-dependant.

The market is mostly active between 10am to 4pm.

Plender Street Market sells fruit and veg, pet supplies, fashion, and factory seconds.

Established in 1851.

Originally King Street but renamed in 1946 as Plender Street in honour of William Plender a former High Sheriff of the County of London.

As in the case of Inverness Street Market, Plender Street Market represents a remnant of Camden Town Market which moved off of Camden High Street after the late nineteenth century electrification of horse-drawn trams.

The market was still on the High Street in 1878: “Saturday evenings the upper part of the street, thronged as it is with stalls of itinerant vendors of the necessaries of daily life, and with the dwellers in the surrounding districts, presents to an ordinary spectator all the attributes of a market place”.—Edward Walford

Journalist, author, and broadcaster Bernard Levin grew up on Plender Street.

The market once ran to 90 pitches but had reduced down to five stalls by 1983

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