The new #MyMarket campaign will be officially launched by NABMA, with support from the NMTF on Monday 22nd June 2020.

Following a difficult three months for communities across the UK, markets have never been so important to local communities. The upsurge in support for those markets and traders that have been able to remain open during the COVID-19 crisis, has  demonstrated that markets are at the “Heart of My Community

So, although the official launch of the campaign is not until the 22nd June, you can join in now.

The key phrases in the campaign are “My Market”, “Welcome Back” and “At the Heart of My Community”

Get your customers, traders and supporters to join in and tell everyone why their market is important to them.

Supported through NABMA’s & Love Your Local Market’s social media accounts with a range of digital resources for you to use.

Now is the time to make sure markets are back at heart of our cities, towns and communities.

A zip file containing all the digital assets is available here

▼ Full Set of My Market Digital / Print Assets

▼ Small Stickers 100px

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