A record number of delegates enjoyed presentations from a range of contributors at the NABMA Annual Conference and AGM held in Stratford upon Avon in September 2018

Below you can find speaker presentations from the conference. Click on the titles to download or view the presentations.

Monday 17th September 2018

Markets Promoting Culture, Locality and Tourism

Our headline presentation is by Professor Steve Millington of Manchester Metropolitan University exploring the relationship between markets and our conference agenda. Where do markets sit in local and national policies and strategies around culture, tourism and locality?

Markets and Localism

As a renowned market authority, how are Barnsley Markets contributing to major health policies within the town, what is their influence and who are their partners?
Paul Clifford, Head of Economic Development, and Kaye Mann, Senior Health Improvement Officer, Barnsley Council.

Mission4Markets Survey 2018

We present results, headlines and updates from markets and individuals demonstrating the health or otherwise of the markets industry. Colin Wolstenholme, Markets Manager, Bradford MDC and Chris Savage, Projects Manager, NMTF.

Markets Attracting Tourists

Norwich is a wonderful fusion of the modern and historic, one complementing the other. It has a flourishing arts, music and cultural scene with its market in the heart of the city. In terms of local tourism we examine how important the local market is within the local economy? Kristina Fox, Norwich City Council.

Salisbury- A Town in Recovery

Salisbury has suffered badly from the poison attack on two residents. We hear about the impact on the town and how the market is recovering. Annie Childs, City Clerk, Salisbury City Council.

Markets and the Social Dimension

Leeds University are undertaking a major study on markets and looking at the importance and relevance of the social dimension. Myfanwy Taylor and Sara Gonzalez of Leeds University

Tuesday 18th September 2018

Markets Attracting Tourists

Fleetwood Market in the North West is a popular attraction for tourists and we look at its appeal and the way it is adapting to modern requirements. Julian Brent, Markets Manager, Wyre Borough Council.

Young People and Markets

Our challenge is to build the next generation of markets shoppers and traders. We look at the work being done by NMTF with the national and regional youth markets and also the partnership work being undertaken by NABMA members with schools/colleges. Rachel Harban, Deputy Projects Manager, NMTF and Graham Wilson, Chief Executive, NABMA.

Markets and Culture

Hull’s designation as UK City of Culture in 2017 has been described as a “rip-roaring, life-enhancing success”, with organisers vowing to build on its legacy. What part do markets play in this cultural celebration and what is the legacy? Carl Lewis, Project Manager and Lucy Lines, Old Town Markets Leader, Hull City Council.

Dealing with VAT

This is a major issue for markets and Ian Harris, VAT officer for Leicester Council and adviser to NABMA, will bring us up to date on the current situation and provide some pointers to the future. Ian Harris, VAT & Taxation Advice Office, Leicester City Council.

Management Models

Last year NABMA published a major piece of research on how markets were looking at different management models. Twelve months on we look at what progress has been made and whether further lessons can be learned. Andrew McCall, Managing Director, ROI Team Ltd.

Are Market Rights Still of Value?

Market Rights have often been referred to as the “crown jewels” of market law. We review their current relevance and status. Graham Wilson, Chief Executive, NABMA

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