NABMA Board Updates – 2020 and looking to the future

NABMA Board Updates – 2020 and looking to the future

The Board of Directors met yesterday and considered an agenda with many decisions needed to be taken in unprecedented circumstances. The below is a summary of the key decisions as taken.
NABMA AGM 2020 – A detailed report was provided by the Legal Consultant. This looked at the requirements of NABMA in respect of its Articles of Association and the condition of the industry due to Covid – 19. After discussion it was unanimously agreed
  • That the Board formally advise its CX that due to the Covid – 19 pandemic they consider it both impractical and inappropriate to hold an AGM in 2020
  • That the next AGM now be held in September 2021.
  • That the Board make all necessary decisions until September 2021 as required in respect of compliance with the Articles of Association
  • To note the willingness of Councillor Geraldine Carter to voluntarily stand down as President in September 2020 at the end of her two year period of President and to record thanks for this gesture.  
  • That Councillor Mick Barker therefore become President from September 2020
  • That  Councillor Geraldine Carter be Past President from September 2020
  • Although all Board positions are subject to election in 2020, to agree that the existing Directors terms of Office continue until September 2021. Any retirements or resignations to be filled as necessary by the Board
  • The Board to approve the 2019/20 NABMA accounts and lodge at Companies House with the caveat that due to Covid – 19 it has been impractical to hold an AGM in 2020.
  • With regard to the vacant position of President Elect, the Board to fill this position from September 2020 and ask the 2021 AGM to reaffirm.
The NABMA membership is invited by the 30 June to submit any objection or viewpoint on the above decisions that will be considered and acted upon by the Board as considered appropriate. 
NABMA Conference Arrangements – NABMA has been in regular discussion with the two hotels that are designated for our next two conferences. After holding off decision making for as long as possible, and considering the options, feasibility and financial risk factors, the Board have reluctantly decided that NABMA will not hold an annual conference in 2020. Instead it will look to arrange 3 regional events in September by Zoom that will also allow for involvement of sponsors.

The 2021 Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza, Stratford upon Avon from 19 – 21 September and the 2022 Conference will be held at Harrogate.

It is intended that our normal January event will be put back until later in February. A date will be published as soon as available.
Diploma in Market Administration – the Diploma was suspended at the start of Covid – 19. Discussions with our Professional Development Consultant have led to the NABMA Board agreeing that, if possible, the Diploma for 2020 now be delivered via an online platform.  
As you will hopefully appreciate the Board has needed to make some difficult decisions against an uncertain present and future. In the weeks ahead we will look at replace the face to face networking with more virtual events and try and link the NABMA family together as frequently as possible.

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