New Guidance regarding Discretionary Grant Funding

New Guidance regarding Discretionary Grant Funding

NABMA is pleased to receive the Guidance regarding the Discretionary Grant Funding intended to support local authorities in administering the  Local Authority Discretionary Grants Fund announced on 1 May 2020. This guidance applies to England only.

The NABMA Support Plan for Markets contained 5 priorities that included support for market traders and small businesses. The Plan, and the NABMA Survey to provide evidence of hardship for the markets industry have been the focus of our communication with government since 23 March.

Government asks that local authorities prioritise certain types of businesses for grants from within this additional funding pot. Section 24 specifically  directs towards “Regular market traders with fixed building costs, such as rent, who do not have their own business rates assessment”

With funding support already secured for certain traders, and this new Guidance with a specific mention for market traders, then NABMA is grateful to government for this positive outcome and for our ongoing discussions with them to help our industry as widely as possible.

This additional fund is aimed at small businesses who were not eligible for the Small Business Grant Fund or the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Fund. Local authorities will be responsible for delivering grants to eligible businesses. Section 1 of the Localism Act 2011 provides all local authorities with the vires to make these payments.

The Guidance can be viewed

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