Nominations Now Open for the Great British Market Awards 2024

Nominations Now Open for the Great British Market Awards 2024

The heart of the United Kingdom’s communities beats through its markets, where local traditions, commerce, and culture converge. In the spirit of celebrating and promoting excellence in markets across cities, towns, and local communities all over the UK, the Great British Market Awards 2024 is now open for nominations. We are also proud to announce details of the voting process for Britain’s Favourite Market.

This prestigious event, organised and awarded by the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) and proudly sponsored by Market Place, is an opportunity to recognise the hard work and dedication of market operators, traders, and the communities they serve.

Nominations are open now and will continue until midnight on Friday, 15th December 2023. We invite market operators to participate by nominating their markets and showcasing what makes them extraordinary. Whether it’s the bustling atmosphere of a large outdoor market or the charm of a small indoor market, there are numerous categories to choose from:

  • Best Large Indoor Market
  • Best Small Indoor Market
  • Best Large Outdoor Market
  • Best Small Outdoor Market
  • Best Community or Parish Market
  • Best Large Speciality Market
  • Best Small Speciality Market
  • Best Wholesale Market
  • Best Food Market
  • Best Market Attraction

The process is straightforward: choose a category, fill out a separate form for each market and category you wish to nominate, and submit your entry before the 15th December deadline.

Nominations for Best Speciality Market and Best Market Attraction will remain open until midnight on Friday, 5th January 2024. This extension allows Christmas Market entries to compete in these categories.

Britain’s Favourite Market – How to Vote

The vote for “Britain’s Favourite Market” is set to launch at 12 noon on Tuesday, 31st October, 2023. This annual initiative, an integral part of the Great British Market of the Year Awards, calls upon market operators, traders, and the general public to nominate and vote for their most beloved markets.

One key message is clear – any market can emerge victorious in this competition. The final winner will be selected from the shortlist, and the evaluation process may involve mystery shops and quality assessments by the judging panel. The essence of “Britain’s Favourite Market” is deeply rooted in the experiences of the people who visit these markets and the dedication of the traders who make them special.

A range of digital assets, to help you encourage people to vote, is also available to download here:

Download all

Voting for “Britain’s Favourite Market” ends at midnight on Friday 15th December 2023.

The link to vote for Britain’s Favourite Market is:

Let’s play fair! Individuals are allowed to vote once per day.

NABMA reserve the right to remove votes received in rapid succession from the same IP address or other non-genuine / block votes at our own discretion, so please respect the “one a day rule”. We may contact a market if we identify unusual voting patterns. Online voting will be the major contributor in deciding the winner but to ensure credibility then other checks may take place. Please note that we do record your IP address with your vote for this purpose. Thank You!

We welcome news stories, job vacancies and tender opportunities from our members for publication. If your market has some news to share, please email

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