Prime Minister’s Statement

Prime Minister’s Statement

The latest statement from the Prime Minister represents a step-change in the fight against coronavirus.

It is clear that most non-food traders should now close, but food markets can remain to operate as part of the essential food supply chain.  

The official guidance as to which businesses and premises must close, along with the exceptions.

The exceptions include:

  • Food and grocery
  • Household goods
  • Hardware supplies
  • Bicycles
  • Pet supplies
  • Newsagents
Clearly it is now up to operators to assess, and take a view, if continuing the market operation is safe and viable – and if government guidance and social distancing can be achieved to keep customers safe.
Many markets have put in place telephone & online ordering and delivery services or are actively setting these up.
NABMA will continue to monitor updates and then offer a viewpoint accordingly.

Our thoughts are with all market managers, market staff, market traders and market shoppers on this unprecedented situation, and a deeply upsetting time.

NABMA will be here to support you.

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