Single Use Plastics Ban – Are your traders ready?

Single Use Plastics Ban – Are your traders ready?

As NABMA has previously advised from October 1st businesses can no longer supply, sell or offer certain single use plastic items in England.

The ban on these items includes:

* Online and over the counter sales and supply

* Items from new and existing stock

* All types of single-use plastic, including biodegradable, compostable and recycled

* Items wholly or partly made from plastic including coating or lining If businesses continue to supply banned single-use plastics after 1 October there is the prospect of a fine.

There are limited exceptions and particularly if the items are packaging:

* A pre filled salad bowl or ready meal packaged in a tray

* A plate filled at the counter of a takeaway

* A tray used to deliver food.

You can still supply food or drink in polystyrene containers if it needs further preparation before it is consumed. Further preparation can mean:

* Adding water

* Microwaving

* Toasting

Hopefully the businesses in our Markets have prepared for the new requirements but this is intended as a reminder to Market Managers to check that the new requirements are being implemented.

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