The 2020 Diploma in Market Administration – Have you booked yet?

The 2020 Diploma in Market Administration – Have you booked yet?

It is not too late to secure your place on the next Diploma Couse starting in February 2020. The training which offers a formal qualification in the Administration of Markets continues to attract interest from market operators across the country, both from local authorities and private operators. Although demand is high NAMBA will always try to accommodate everyone where possible.

The Manchester Metropolitan University which awards the formal level 4 accreditation to the diploma qualification has been impressed with the standard of achievements of students attending the course over previous years. This has now led to the University actively creating opportunities for diploma holders to undertake further qualifications in Place Management leading to a Post Graduate Masters Degree.

This is good news for the industry being acknowledged for the level of professionalism required in operating a successful market.

The 2019 course awarded a further 16 successful diplomas making a grand total of 155 passes since the qualification began a few years ago.

One of the major strengths of the course is the wide variety of backgrounds and experience held by the officers attending. The mixture continues to include both experienced officers and those who are new to the industry that require fast track training. New officers to the industry have the valuable opportunity to network with more experienced colleagues, and build affective contacts that will be invaluable in the future. This reflects the ethos of what the NABMA family is all about.

Feedback received from those completing the diploma is very positive with all students reporting an increase in confidence and most of all they appear to be enjoying their role much more than before attending the course.

In the 2019 course, one particular officer was a local government Head of Service who had recently gained the markets service under her portfolio and wanted an understanding of issues involved with operating markets. The course proved to be an eye opener for her an she commented that she had a much better understanding of what her staff had to deal with.

The Diploma course starting in February 2020 is almost fully booked with only a few places remaining. If you are interested in attending the course all details are available on the Nabma website on the training page.

Candidates come together to attend 3 two-day courses in Derby on specialist subjects and complete three assignments to demonstrate what they have learnt from the experience.

Officers completing the DMA often report increased income on their markets after introducing initiatives learnt on the course.

Please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Pickering on tel: 07756326022 for a chat about the course, or alternatively email

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