The Great British Market Award Winners are Revealed including Britain’s Favourite Market

The Great British Market Award Winners are Revealed including Britain’s Favourite Market

The winners of the Great British Market Awards were announced at a prestigious event in Birmingham earlier today (Thursday 3 February 2022). The awards were presented by Simon Baynes MP for Clwyd South, the Chairman of the All-Party Markets Parliamentary Group. The awards are organised by NABMA (The National Association of British market Authorities)

The most hotly anticipated award is that of Britain’s Favourite Market 2022. The award attracts tens of thousands of public votes, and the winner is chosen from a shortlisted who are then visited by mystery shoppers and finally selected by a panel of industry experts.

Britain’s Favourite Market for 2022 is Bury Market.

Councillor Mick Barker, President of NABMA, said:

“After over 30,000 public votes were received online, it is heartening to see passion and enthusiasm for markets across the country.

“Year on year this competition demonstrates the value and pride that towns and cities place in their local market and the innovation and diversity that applies in modern market management.

“Congratulations to Bury Market.”

The winners of the other categories in the Great British Market awards were:

Best Large Indoor Market – Warrington Retail Market

“This award goes to an already award-winning and much acclaimed market. It is a new market that has demonstrated to the industry innovation in both design and operating. It functions around a quality food and drink offer which is supported by other ancillary traders offering great quality, professionalism and variety.

“This is very much a market of the future but provides a successful balance between modern and traditional retail. In addition, the integration and use of the adjoining market square has created a regeneration opportunity with the market as a focus supporting the revival of the town centre.

“The judging panel consider this to be a beacon of good practise and modern market management, alongside being a great ambassador for markets present and future.”

Best Small Indoor Market – Freeman Street Market, Grimsby

“This market has been at the heart of its community since it was built 150 years ago. Its recent successes are set against difficult circumstances, but it is applauded that new connections and partnerships have been made and new opportunities are therefore arising. The market has, and continues, to host many successful start-up businesses. It provides both quality and a quirky trading environment that has been a major influence in generating interest and footfall within its town centre. It has a strong and highly impactive social media presence on various platforms.

“Footfall at the market increases month by month, demonstrating its strong community engagement that is delivered by a passionate and innovated management team. It offers a highly popular food court and works extensively with young people to encourage young entrepreneurship.”

Best Large Outdoor Market – Two Winners

Ridley Road Market – London Borough of Hackney

“This category presented a huge problem for the judging panel. Two markets simply could not be separated and therefore a joint award is made.

“The first award is to a market that provided evidence of substantial good practice, always promoting standards and innovation that is a regarded as a beacon across the city of London.

“It is delivered by an award-winning markets team that has created a transformed market with huge reputational change.

“The market is described as the lifeblood of its community, providing a variety of products at an affordable price against the backdrop of an increasingly expensive high street.

“This is another market that has a successful engagement with young people and has encouraged and supported young entrepreneurship with great success. This market team is inspirational, continually driving up standards and rightly being recognised in our industry as a community champion.

“Over 140 years it has served its community and endured the test of time. It is an important community asset with a market plan for the present and the future.

York Shambles Market

This is a highly popular market in a traditional location with a huge appeal to both locals and has a significant tourist trade. In the not-too-distant past, it was considered to be in somewhat of a decline, but it is a market that has put in a lot of effort to restore a quality market reputation. The market boasts many excellent businesses and collectively, with strong and passionate management, they have enabled the market to re-establish itself in this iconic tourist city.

It is a market with a buzz, it is full of traders and is both an attractive tourist and general market with a huge influence on the local economy.

Best Small Indoor Market – Thornaby Market

“This category provided a number of exciting nominations demonstrating the localism agenda and the importance of local markets to local communities. This market is 100% occupied, has a most effective social media platform linking in strongly with the community and local education providers.

“The judging panel was particularly impressed with the increasing number of traders as a result of an innovative rental incentive scheme. The market is clearly popular in its local community and it demonstrates a market plan that the operator is actively following, and delivering very successfully working effectively with many community partners.”

Best Community Market – Traxx Market, Chapeltown, Sheffield

“This is a weekly market delivered by a community enterprise. This has been a community project to save a market which had served the community for almost 125 years. It was formally run by a local working men’s club and Covid provided a terminal threat to the future of the market. Three residents formed a community enterprise, and the rest is history.

“From a site that was described as a complete mess with broken stalls and damaged gutters and rat-infested cabins, the market has had a complete face lift. This market has pulled community support and provides an offer that is now very different focussing upon street food and families. It has also not been frightened to ask for help bringing in external eyes to help both trader and operators alike.”

Best Local Council Market – Leighton Buzzard Market

“Local Councils are the growth membership for NABMA and this category has a winner with a market that dates back to the Doomsday Book. As well as traders standing in this market for over 40 years, it has recently launched a young trader’s scheme to encourage new entrepreneurs working with schools, Young Enterprise, the Prince’s Trust and NMTF.

“The operator has an expanding number of special events; is attracting a volume of enquires from new traders and offers a business start-up scheme that is proving very popular.

“Social media is used extensively and without doubt this market is well loved in its town evidenced by online surveys.”

Best Large Speciality Market – Stratford upon Avon Victorian Christmas Market

“This is a market held annually with over 300 stalls located throughout a town centre. The market has a huge impact on the town and has been described as being spectacular and a market and event that draws your breath.

“It is located in a historic town and reflects both respect for the local architecture, town infrastructure and businesses and pedestrians. The event is held over 4 days and involves all the stakeholders in the town including town and district councils and the local business improvement district.

“This market supports the town and its economy and tourism. It provides a huge increase in footfall with record numbers in 2021 thereby giving a massive financial boost for local businesses who welcome and thrive during the event.“

Best Small Speciality Market – Columbia Road Flower Market – Tower Hamlets

“This is a weekly Sunday market, started in 1869 which is now a destination market with a wow factor for visitors, customers and tourists travelling from far and wide. It serves its local community enticing visitors to visit and spend money in the various boutique shops along the street. Such is the pull of the market, that some businesses only open on a Sunday to take advantage of the visitors drawn by this market.

“It is without doubt a standout and specialist market which is revered by its community and visitors. It is one of its city’s iconic street markets and unbelievably has an 18-year waiting list for new traders. This is a market in the highest demand.”

Best Large Food Market – Borough Market – Southwark

“This is an award-winning market open daily and is the home to over 150 traders. It is run by a charitable trust with a Board of volunteer trustees. It has a thousand years of history and is regarded a source of quality British and international produce with a reputation as Britain’s most renowned food market.

“Traders are described as innovators and the market has a commitment to sustainability. Traders undergo a rigorous selection process. The market’s social media platform is immense. Waste reduction is central to this market’s drive to promote a responsible sustainable approach to food production and consumption and none of the market rubbish goes to landfill

“As part of its many strategies going forward, young entrepreneurship is a flagship.”

Best Small Food Market – Doncaster Fish Market

“This is a small market fully occupied and is one of the largest dedicated fish markets in the country and, unusually, it is in land. Amazingly this market has 8 independent fish mongers and is renowned from far and wide for its quality and affordability.

“Many of the faces that can be found in the fish market are long standing characters who help give this market its distinct charm.

“The market works closely with new and aspiring businesses, offers support through unique social media channels and is part of a wider estate. However, it has the status of being a distinctive small indoor food market in its own right with its own branding and character.

“It is a key part of local heritage but also the future of its town. It provides valuable social food equality and community services to the whole town.”

Best Market Attraction – Belfast Christmas Market

“This is a Christmas market located in Northern Ireland and is described as the epitome of a specialist market; however, it is delivered within a community of long historic unrest. As well as Covid the market in 2021 had to encounter issues relating to Brexit and its EU traders and also dealing with the Northern Ireland protocol.

“The operator has provided huge amounts of support and advice to its traders and also gave assurances that if the market was forced to close due to Covid in 2021 then all traders would be reimbursed.

“The nomination provided evidence of new business start-ups, the extensive and effective use of social media but above all how the market supports the city and the local community. It engages with many stakeholder organisations including the City Council, BID groups, tourism associations, Chamber of Trade and local politicians.

“This is a market that NABMA is proud to highlight recognising the huge contribution that it makes to so many aspects of life in its city home. We applaud its management and the traders for meeting head on the many challenges it faced in 2021 and the successful outcomes as delivered.”

Highly Commended Markets

David Preston, Chief Executive of NABMA, said:

“Arguably the 2022 awards have presented the most difficulties for any of our judging panels over the years. There have been so many nominations highlighting the amazing contributions that markets and markets people make in towns and cities. In recognition of some markets, that just failed to secure one of the national awards, the panel has agreed to award a number of highly commended certificates. These are presented to markets that NABMA consider play outstanding roles in their local communities and have demonstrated innovation, commitment and gone that extra mile to deliver a quality markets service.”

The markets awarded Highly Commended Certificates were:

Newcastle Under Lyme Outdoor Market
Ruddington Village Market
Accrington Market
Chiswick Flower Market
Newark Christmas Market
Broadway Market
Oswestry Markets

Commenting on the 2022 awards, David Preston added:

“Nominations came in from far and wide and presented the most difficult of jobs for our judging panel. The judging panel was representative of some of the most experienced market professionals in the industry. We would like to pay a huge thank you to the NMTF and their Chief Executive Joe Harrison for their support of the 2022 Awards. We would also like to thank Blachere Illuminations for their sponsorship of the awards.

“Markets have shown great tenacity, innovation and enterprise over the last two years and continue to be valued as key parts of local communities and vital to the regeneration of our towns and cities.”

“Congratulations to all our winners.”

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