Simon Baynes MP

NABMA was instrumental in reforming the APPMG (The All-Party Parliamentary Markets Group) in 2021 .

The APPMG is a cross party group within Westminster working with the national organisations supporting, promoting and delivering markets and market trading in the UK.

The lead organisations are NABMA (the National Association of British Market Authorities) and NMTF (the National Market Traders Federation). Its aims are the promotion and support for markets and market trading in the UK with connectivity to government in terms of the role and influence of markets in retail, tourism, employment, hospitality and leisure sectors. Also providing a conduit for discussions about market strategy and operational issues between the market industry and government.


All Party Parliamentary Markets Group Relaunched

The All Party Parliamentary Markets Group (APPMG) has been relaunched with new officers and Simon Baynes MP as its chairman. NABMA now provides the secretariat for the Group.

The APPMG is a cross-party group of MPs and peers who work to promote the interests of markets in the UK. The group’s chairman, Simon Baynes MP, is a Conservative MP for Clwyd South . He is a passionate advocate for markets and has been a member of the APPMG since 2017.

The APPMG’s relaunch comes at a time when markets are facing a number of challenges, including the rise of online shopping and the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news  was welcomed by the National Association of British Markets Authorities (NABMA). Its CEO, David Preston, said: “We are delighted to see the APPMG relaunched with such strong support from Westminster. Markets are an essential part of the UK’s retail landscape and we look forward to working with the APPMG to promote their interests. The work programme for the next few months will focus on the NABMA #MarketsFirst campaign. ”