L8 – What consents do I need to start up a market?

Just because you have certain powers to operate a market does not mean you can set up a market anywhere without getting any other approvals. Market powers only give the market operator the powers to operate the market. The first requirement is to get the approval of the landowner where the market is held. If you do not own or have possession of the relevant land then it means entering into an agreement with the landowner to use the land for the purpose of the market. Secondly, if the market is to be held in a street, highway or pedestrianised area it will be necessary to get an order form the highway authority stopping up the relevant area for the purposes of the market. Depending upon the frequency of the market, this may involve a time consuming and potentially expensive procedure to obtain a traffic regulation order but if the market is only held on one occasion each year, eg a Christmas Market, it might be possible to use a much quicker procedure under section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847.

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