O4 – Pop Up or Traditional Stalls?

The obvious advantage of using pop ups is that the market infrastructure can shrink and grow on demand. This gives the beneficial perception to the shopper that the market is full – because empty stalls are definitely a “put-off” for customers. The flexibility of pop-ups also means that they can be relocated to more advantageous pedestrianised areas to capture footfall. The other key benefit is that they can create a qualitative market scene as they are an attractive backdrop for traders’ goods. However, there are a number of financial and operational issues to consider including:the cost of the pop ups; the resources needed to erect and dismantle the temporary stalls – and the need for transport and storage; the need for holding-down devices (aka ground anchors) due to wind conditions; the cost of repairs and maintenance; and their vulnerability when operating in adverse weather conditions. You are advised to closely research the pros and cons by talking to stall suppliers, to other managers and to your and other traders where they are in use.

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