P2 – When should an operator consult with traders?

Many of your market traders earn their living as a result of market trading so it is necessary to have a consultation policy that takes into account their views on what is happening on your market. This does not mean you have to consult on every detail affecting the market but if, for example, significant increases in charges are proposed or there is a redevelopment project affecting the market, then it is important to take into account your traders views. This does not necessarily mean that you have to accept what your traders tell you but you should be seen to listen and respond with a considered answer. There are lots of Court cases where traders have challenged market operators and have successfully delayed or frustrated plans for the market. The use of newsletters or occasional surveys can show that you are keen to keep in touch with your traders. You might seek to appoint designated trader representatives to discuss issues periodically or form a Markets Forum which is used for consultation purposes.

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