P3 – What disciplinary and enforcement policies should I have in place?

There are two important aspects to this issue. Firstly, a market must have clear and enforceable market regulations. You need to ensure that your regulations are kept under regular review and issues which often lead to conflict such as the items traders can sell, opening hours and placing goods in market alleyways are both workable and enforced by market management. Market operators who fail to enforce the requirements of the regulations may find themselves in difficulty when a disciplinary issue arises. Secondly, when it comes to disciplinary matters you need to have a written down procedure which again is publicly available and shared with traders. It can be part of your market regulations or it can be a separate policy document. It is important, taking into account that you are potentially affecting someone’s livelihood, that any remedies are proportionate to the matter complained about. However, in appropriate cases, there is no reason why a market operator cannot immediately suspend a trader from a market if the matter complained of is sufficiently serious.

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