Markets Benchmarking with APSE

Markets Benchmarking with APSE

At the recent NABMA Conference we received an update on the Benchmarking Project that has been undertaken by APSE with the support of ten of our members. This Project was a great success and has led to APSE agreeing that markets can be included within the “family” of local authority services that they currently benchmark.

As many NABMA members are already members of APSE access to market benchmarking will be part of the service that you already receive so there will be no extra cost involved. If you are not an APSE member but you want to participate in market benchmarking then you can do so but there is a fee to pay. Having up to date information to make informed decisions about performance is vital to the well being of markets and NABMA is delighted to be working in partnership with APSE.

Here is the Market Operations Flyer from APSE. You are encouraged to sign up and demonstrate your support. We need as many markets as possible to get involved.

We welcome news stories, job vacancies and tender opportunities from our members for publication. If your market has some news to share, please email

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