All Party Parliamentary Markets Group – Minutes 25 October 2023

Minutes of a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Markets Group held on Wednesday 25th October 2023 at 3pm in Room 0, Portcullis House Westminster.


Simon Baynes MP (Clwyd South) – Chairman, Pauline Latham MP (Mid Derbyshire), John Dyson – President NMTF, Mike Riley – President-Elect NMTF, Joe Harrison – Chief Executive NMTF, Brendan Dyson – Member Support and Business Development Manager, NMTF, Mick Barker – Past President NABMA, David Preston – Chief Executive NABMA, Graham Wilson – Legal and Policy Consultant, NABMA, Allan Hartwell – Managing Director Marketplace, Steve Mason – Leeds City Council, Plus Lewis Jones and Niall Hawkins (Officials)


Councillor Chris Poulter, President NABMA


A welcome was provided from the Chairman of the Group, Simon Baynes MP.


NABMA commented upon a growing recognition that now is a critical time for markets, particularly in terms of ongoing local authority funding and issues and risk around the continuation of many discretionary services, such as markets. Also, importantly, the recognition of how in towns and cities many markets are filling gaps in locating and delivering local services.

The last meeting of the Group appreciated the growing community influence of markets and therefore Leeds City Council had been invited to explain how their Markets Team was supporting the local economy, and importantly the local community.

That discussion to lead into the update on MarketsFirst, the NABMA National Campaign, and its priorities. The Group also noted the recent government announcement of Town Partnerships with 55 towns to benefit from £1.1 billion of funding and the resulting need to ensure that markets are part of local discussions. 


Minutes of the meeting held on the 18th of July 2023 were confirmed and signed.


Leeds Kirkgate Market team, as a leading operator and Market Award Winner, provided a presentation on the changing role and growing influence of markets within their community. This presented a powerful story of its markets, their interaction and value to the community and their fit into the National MarketsFirst Campaign. This demonstrated business startup opportunities, economic and community benefits and the need for professional markets and market management.  The presentation highlighted why it is so important to recognise the new agenda for markets and for them to be part of local redevelopment and regeneration strategies, recognising the significant contribution that they can make.

The resulting discussion acknowledged that many of the 55 towns as selected by government have a market focus and NABMA is setting up a group to support the large block that are actual NABMA members.

The discussion covered a wide-ranging number of issues including Martyn’s Law, business rates, discussions with Levelling Up Ministers, education, performance, and the recent publication to support elected members in understanding markets. Great emphasis was placed on the value of the two national market initiatives in terms of Love Your Local Market and the NMTF National Young Traders Markets that have made such a significant impact in 2023. NMTF provided detailed information on the success of the Young Trader campaign throughout 2023.

As a summary to a very positive discussion, it was RESOLVED:

  • To record an endorsement from the APPMG acknowledging the increasing role that markets can play in supporting communities.
  • To record a viewpoint from the APPMG that Martyn’s Law needs further clarification in respect of markets, and in particular the large Christmas and Specialty Outdoor Markets
  • The APPMG provide support for the MarketsFirst campaign to Treasury and Department of Levelling up Housing and Communities. Also support for a specific power for local authorities to give business rates relief to their own premises that can benefit markets.


Consideration of the work programme for the Group for 2024. It was recognised that this needs to be flexible with MarketsFirst as the priority. Mindful of this, speakers be sought around the Campaign priorities including DWP thereby putting a focus on attracting and retaining traders. In addition, to look at how the 55 towns selected by the government can influence the market agenda. Regular updates on topical issues to also be brought to the Group such as Martyn’s law and business rates.


Dates for 2024 meetings to be arranged with the Chairman alongside speakers and agenda.


All Party Parliamentary Markets Group – Notice of Meeting

The next meeting of the APPMG is scheduled for

Wednesday 25 October 2023 at 15.00 in Room O at Portcullis House, Westminster.


  1. Welcome
    To receive a welcome from the Chairman, Simon Baynes MP
  2. Apologies
  1.  Minutes
    To confirm minutes of a meeting held on 18 July 2023
  2. Community and Campaign
    Leeds Kirkgate Market Team, as a leading operator and market award winner will provide a brief presentation on the changing role and growing influence of markets within their community.This will then link to a review of progress with the #MarketsFirst Campaign and a discussion around the support that Westminster can offer towards the five Campaign priorities.
  3. APPMG
    To consider the work programme for the Group for 2024.
  4. Next Meeting
    To consider dates for 2024 meetings for diary purposes.